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Here you can find courses and products designed to help composers overcome real-life challenges and make steps of positive progress in their craft. 

How To Compose with MIDI and Virtual Instruments

Navigate the complex world of DAWs, MIDI, Samples, Interfaces, Keyboards, and other confusing terms as you learn how to set up a composing workstation, control Virtual Instruments like a pro, and create realistic and compelling music on your computer. 
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Film Scoring for Beginners

An In-depth course that covers the basics of the art, craft, philosophy, business, relationships, process, and practice of film scoring. 
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FREE PDF: 21 Tips for Bringing MIDI to Life

Having a hard time getting your virtual instruments and performances to sound convincing and lifelike? In this 5-page PDF composer Benjamin Botkin offers 21 tips for improving the realism and vitality of your sampled instruments-based compositions. 
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Meet Your Instructor

Benjamin Botkin is an award-winning film composer and virtual orchestra specialist with a passion for creating expressive and compelling music and teaching others to do the same. He has written music for a variety of visual media projects ranging from documentaries to feature films, and is also known for his work with virtual instruments and orchestration, which has led to many opportunities in arranging as well as creating official demos for industry-leading virtual instrument developers.