FREE PDF: 21 Tips for Bringing MIDI to Life by Forte Composer Academy

FREE PDF: 21 Tips for Bringing MIDI to Life

In this 5-page PDF composer Benjamin Botkin offers 21 tips for improving the realism and vitality of your sampled instruments-based compositions. 

Having a hard time getting your virtual instruments to sound convincing and lifelike?

  • Are your strings lifeless?
  • Does everything small and sound muddy?
  • Does it sound like your samples are tripping over the notes?
  • Does your piece feel generally flat, uninspiring, and well... meh?

Well, these 21 tips by composer and virtual orchestration specialist Benjamin Botkin probably can't solve ALL your problems, but it might help you take a step in the right direction and give you some ideas for how you can cultivate increasing vitality and realism in your music. 

What's included?

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FULL Course about MIDI and Virtual Instruments

If you like this list of tips, be sure to check out my larger course about composing with MIDI and Virtual Instruments. 
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