MIDI Study Pack #1 - Commanding the Fleet by Forte Composer Academy

MIDI Study Pack #1 - Commanding the Fleet

In this educational pack I break down and teach from the track "Commanding the Fleet", which I composed as an official demo for the sample library Soaring Strings. 

This MIDI Study Pack serves as an in-depth orchestration and composition lesson, and provides an opportunity for the kind of detailed study one would undertake with full orchestra scores.

Inside This Pack

This MIDI Study Pack comes packed in .zip format and contains the following files:

    • .mid  - This is a MIDI file, which can be opened in any DAW or notation program (although opening it in a DAW like Cubase or Logic is recommended).
    • .cpr - This is a Cubase 10 Project File. If you are a Cubase user you might get more insight into the creation of this piece by using this file instead of the midi.
    • .mp3 - This is the final, mixed version of the piece for your listening reference.
Also included is a PDF readme for information on how to use these files as well as notes that turn this study experience into a guided composition/orchestration lesson complete with assignments and recommended exercises of your own. 

What's included?

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Commanding the Fleet - Readme and Study Guide.pdf
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Commanding the Fleet - Study Pack Files.zip
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Full Piece Breakdown


This product is not a MIDI production/loop pack, so any/all MIDI parts contained in this pack are intended to be used for educational purposes only, and not for direct use in your own compositions.