Composing Great Music from Beginning to End

In this section I'll take you through a step-by-step demonstration and explanation of the entire process of creating a compelling piece of music, from planning and structuring your piece to mastering and final export. These lessons were recorded live and edited down very little, so you can get a good sense of everything that goes into my composing process. But it does get a bit lengthy, so strap yourself in for the ride!
Composing Great Music from Beginning to End
16 - The Composer's Mindset and First Steps
14 mins
17 - Melody and Structure
36 mins
18 - Principles of Orchestration
13 mins
19 - Virtual Orchestration (Part 1)
46 mins
20 - Virtual Orchestration (Part 2)
(1h 53m 14s)
21 - Virtual Orchestration (Part 3)
(1h 20m 15s)
22 - Virtual Orchestration (Part 4)
(2h 03m 01s)
23 - Virtual Orchestration (Part 5)
48 mins
24 - Exporting Stems
17 mins
25 - Mixing
(1h 10m 29s)
26 - Mastering and File Export
25 mins