In this lesson we cover what the creative mindset of the computer-based composer should be, and set some big picture goals as we create a plan for the music we are going to be creating. 

Now that your DAW and instruments are set up, I will show you how I like to compose a piece of music from start to finish, and will walk you--step by step--though the ENTIRE process of composition, arrangement, orchestration, performance, mixing, mastering, and file export.
But since I believe that one of the best ways to learn is to learn by DOING, we will apply the principles we learn in REAL TIME and each compose a piece of music, side-by-side, step by step, throughout the course. I think that this is a systematic, practical and results-oriented way to teach the process.   
Here's how this will work: in one lesson I will teach some basics about composing a melody, and then I will apply the principles myself and compose my own. That lesson's assignment for YOU will be to create your own melody following the principles taught in the lesson. And then in the following lesson we will go through the next step of the process together, and so on until, by the end of the course, we each have a completed piece of music. 
When you have completed the course and have your finished masterpiece (wink) I'd love to hear what you come up with! Send it to me for complimentary feedback and critique (if I have any). Listening to your music will also tell me some about you and where you are in your musical journey, and based on what I learn from hearing your music, I would also love to share any personalized recommendations to you for further learning or resources that I think will be helpful to you.

In this lesson we also discuss:
  • The Mindset of a Computer-Based Composer
  • Overcoming Common Excuses
  • Keeping Big-Picture Perspective
  • Embracing Creative Boundaries for Goal-Setting
  • Picking the style and feel of the piece you want to compose

Select a genre and emotional direction for the piece of music you will be creating. Also, make sure that you have a DAW project or template ready to go!

How To Compose with MIDI and Virtual Instruments

Learn how to set up a composing workstation, control Virtual Instruments like a pro, and create realistic and compelling music on your computer. 

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